What have I done this school year?


My accomplishments so far this school year are that I raised my GPA higher. I received a letterman jacket. There is a lot of things we had to learn in U.S history class for the STAAR test. It was easy but some of the questions were difficult. I just have to wait for my results. I hope I passed it but I certainly did passed my workforce exam for Cosmetology!


 In Cosmetology I learned how to do pedicures, facials, perms, applying make-up, applying haircolor, and the blunt, swing bob, long-layered haircuts and more things that I can’t remember. For the winter project I like what I did. We have the choice to choose what we want to do for the project between nails and hair. We need to have a theme: my theme was Native American and I did nails. And I raised my hours: I have about 620 hours and I need to have 1,000. I also got exempt from all my classes on my 1st semester exams.

ConfirmationEvery Sunday I go to church and church school. I am studying to do my confirmation. Last October we had a field trip to Six Flags to celebrate World Youth Day. It was my first time in Six Flags. I had so much fun and I liked it! This Friday I’m going to do my Confirmation. I am excited to do it! My relationship with God has become closer and I plan to join a youth group. I really want to join an organization that travels to undeveloped countries and helps the people by providing them food, water, and meeting their basic needs (like clothes, a home, vaccines etc.). I want to see their faces filled with joy when they receive the things they always wanted.

class-of-2016There is a lot of nice things I have accomplished this year from raising my grades, hours to becoming close to the church. I plan to do more things and expect the best next year as it is my senior year!


What I plan to do over the spring and summer break?

Veterans Park Arlington, TX. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo
Veterans Park Arlington, TX. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo

I want to spend my spring and summer breaks drawing, crafting, cooking/ baking, spend time in nature, and my loved ones.

"The Butterfly", my recent drawing.
“The Butterfly”, my recent drawing.

I want to catch up with my drawings. I have so many unfinished drawings in my sketchbook. In one I drew hands holding the world (it’s still a sketch), I still need to define it and add shading to it.

inverted picture
Inverted space photograph
Original space photograph
Original space photograph

Two or three weeks ago I was going to draw an inverted space drawing, this is how it works: You get space/ galaxy photograph. Then you invert it using an app or website. You draw the inverted picture, the colors you see in the inverted picture are the ones you are going to use. Finally when you finish with the drawing you take a picture using “Invert Colors” setting from your device (I use an iPod). You go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Accessibility” -> “Invert Colors”. When you take the picture, it will look like the original photograph. It looks really cool, I tried to do it, but I failed. The one I did didn’t look anything like the original picture. I want to try it again because I know where I messed up, I colored it really dark and didn’t shade between the colors. It’s important to shade so everything can blend and look like space or galaxies.

Mystical creatures

Mermaid drawing by Kristina Webb
Mermaid drawing by Kristina Webb

I also have in mind of drawing fantasy mystical creatures like mermaids, half human and horse (they are in the movie Narnia), fairies and all these weird/ cool creatures, and draw beautiful serene nature landscape drawings.

I can beat cancer drawing by Kristina Webb
I Can Beat Cancer drawing by Kristina Webb
Stop bullying drawing by Kristina Webb
Stop bullying drawing by Kristina Webb

I want to do some drawings that honor people that have died from cancer, veterans, people that died in the Cristero War or that have died from a horrible harsh death, and bring Self-Awareness, Stop bullying drawings. Every time I see something I like, my brain just pops out ideas for new drawings. There is so much drawings I plan to do over the spring and summer break. I just need to buy more supplies and have determination in myself that I can do it.

simple-diy-paper-craft-ideas-28Along with drawings I want to do some crafting. I have so many pins of crafting in my Pinterest account that I want to try out. To be exact there are 213 pins and a little bit more in my “likes” of just crafting from origami, DIY cards (for special occasions), DIY flowers, DIY jewelry, and home decorations. There is a lot of artistic things going on.

I also want to try out new cooking recipes. red-velvet-cupcakesI want to bake my favorite cake Red Velvet and cook some delicious healthy food that I haven’t tasted out before. I think my mom would get mad at me because there would be papers, colored pencils, markers, paint, and food everywhere. Ooops!

Turner Falls, OK. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo
Turner Falls, OK. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo

I asked my parents that for this spring break if we could go to Turner Falls in Oklahoma. We went there last year’s spring break. I loved it! I want to go again, but this time I want to camp out there. I want to get away from technology and the distractions from the world. I want to have some peace and quiet and be closer to nature. But I still don’t know if this is for sure, we just have to wait and see if the climate permits it and if my parents agree with me.

La Plaza church. Photo credits: El periodista Tierra Nueva
La Plaza church. Photo credits: El periodista Tierra Nueva

For the summer break I want to go to Mexico. Last time my parents were talking about the possibility of going to Mexico! There is a lot of things to do in Mexico. Going to the top of a “cerro” [loma, colina, or big hill], going to “La Plaza” [towns square], going to the “Fiesta Del Barrio” [party of the neighborhood], and visiting family members. “El Cerro de Leon” is a big tall hill close to my house. I always climb it with my cousins and siblings when we go to Mexico. When you get to the top there is a small “capilla” [chapel], there my cousins, siblings and I rest. You can feel the cool breeze and see almost the whole town. We then explore the area we go to tiny caves. The fun part is when we go down, we go sliding! There are tubes from the bottom of the cerro to the top of it. The tubes carry water to a specific barrio.

Presa La Muñeca. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo
Presa La Muñeca. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo

There is a “Presa” [dam] called “Presa La Muñeca” [the doll dam] that delivers water to the whole town.

Presa La Muñeca sinked chapel.
Presa La Muñeca sinked chapel.

Legend has it that a little girl drowned in the dam. Her mother would look for her everyday but the only thing she found was her daughter’s doll. For years people would swim in the dam and they would often get pulled down by a mysterious force—the doll? But that’s a legend. They call it La Presa De La Muñeca because the cerros form a woman lying down facing up like The Sleeping Beauty. Where the dam is, there used to be a little town there. The only thing that remains is the top of what used to be church. That structure marks the water’s height if you can barely see the cross the water is high and if you can see the whole structure that means there is no water.


Going up to El Cerro El Original. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo
Going up to El Cerro El Original. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo
Angels of honor. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo
Angels of honor. Photo credits: Araceli Acevedo

There is a cerro in Santa Maria Del Rio called “Cerro Del Original.” There is a sad tragic story behind that cerro: people would usually go to the top of the cerro to pray. One time they went to pray, it started to rain, and a lightning struck the place. A big cross they carried was divided into half, five children were killed and others were injured. In honor of the lost lives of the innocent children the town’s people built a capilla. The capilla has five big angels representing the children and the divided cross is between them. The capilla is beautiful and the view from the top is something you can admire all day. The cool breeze is the finishing touch and refuels you from the long distance you climbed.

La Plaza's church
La Plaza’s church
Drawn curtains
Drawn curtains

I like going to La Plaza, because we get to buy food and candy in the market. We get to visit the main church and that church is gorgeous. Recently, they have added beautiful drawings of angels and saints. What I really like about it is that the artist drew 3-D curtains and they look amazing! The front seats are the best they are closer to the altar, when you look at the top (the architecture is circular, like a dome) you can see the magnificent angels. In front of the church is the jardin [garden].

La Plaza
La Plaza

There are tall trees and rich green bushes enhancing the place. There you can have a stroll or have a sit on the benches and watch the cars and people pass by. La Fiesta del Barrio is a party of the neighborhood. I live in the “Señor De La Piedad” neighborhood. Every neighborhood has a chapel/ church and La Fiesta del Barrio is in honor of their chapel/ church. Our barrio party offers games, rides, concession stands of different foods and things you can buy (bracelets, souvenirs, etc.) it’s basically like a mini Six Flags. I saved the best for last, I get to see my family members! I get to spend my time with them and have long talks about our lives. We live close together so in 5 or less minutes I can get to their house, just by walking! My siblings and I would always go walking to my cousins’ houses so we could go to the store together to buy food and candy.

That is how I want to spend my spring and summer break to accomplish the things I want to do, spend time close to nature and with my loved ones.


The school my mother went
The school my mother went

My parents didn’t have an easy life they had to leave school and their natal country. My mom lived in a ranch so it was difficult to get to school. My dad’s parents didn’t have money for school. They started working at a young age to support their families. They emigrated from Mexico to the United States when they were a couple. They came to the U.S. for job opportunities. They began living in California. Both of them worked in California. When my dad found of a good job in Texas he decided to migrate. They moved to Irving, Texas. My mom cleaned hotels and my dad worked as a construction worker. Part of my childhood was in Irving, I attended pre-K there. My parents only had my sister and me (I am 3 years older than my sister). From there we moved to a house and that’s when we moved to Grand Prairie. I have been living in Grand Prairie since Kindergarten. Throughout the years my other siblings were born. My parents want my siblings and me to have a successful life that’s why they always tell us to try our best at school. I may not have a mansion but I have a decent house and always have food thanks to my hardworking  parents.


My grandparents didn’t go to school they also worked at a young age, but now with my family’s supportive uncles, aunts, and cousins my grandparents meet their needs.


I see myself in 5 years from now living the life I always wanted. Maybe I would be in college, depending what I am going to study or I could be working in the career I choose. I want to live a successful life. I also want to help my parents out. I want to give them a house of their style. I also want to take them (& my siblings) to explore and travel the world take them to see jungles, oceans, forests, Eiffel Tower, and all of those famous and beautiful places.

Knocking down hurdlesThe obstacles that I have are that I procrastinate and that my communication skills are not that good. I don’t procrastinate a lot with school work, but I procrastinate on chores and other stuff. I want to improve my communication skills. I want to talk fluently and have good vocabulary.

Dubiski_Career_High-mainI would like to change the community by inspiring them with my drawings and making the world a peaceful place. What I plan to get out from Dubiski is my cosmetology license and my high school diploma. I want to be prepared for the work area and for life.

Information about the AirAsia Flight 8501 crash


Divers struggle to get the black boxes from AirAsia jet. Recently they discovered the tail of the plane that crashed into the sea. Strong currents and blinding silt makes it difficult for divers to get to the black boxes.


The black boxes are really important to obtain because it contains records and information about the performance of the aircraft during flight. With that crucial information divers can find out what caused the jet to fall down.

162 people were aboard. Only 48  bodies have been found and 25 bodies identified. “Powerful currents and murky water continue to hinder the operation, but searchers managed to get a photograph of the debris – about 9 kilometers (nearly 6 miles) from where the plane lost contact – after it was detected by an Indonesian survey ship,” National Search and Rescue chief Henry Bambang Soelistyo told the media. Expert teams from Indonesia and France are helping in the mission, they have thought to use a crane to lift the plane’s tail. The black boxes have an ping- emitting beacons but their batteries last to about 30 days. High waves had prevented the distribution of forces of ping locators, which are dragged by ships. “A total of six ships with ping locators were in the search area in the Java Sea”, said Nurcahyo Utomo, a researcher of the National Commission for Transportation Safety. Nurcahyo Utomo believes that the black boxes are still attached to the original location (in the plane’s tail) based on the pictures taken by divers. “Once detected, we will try to find and lift up the black boxes as soon as possible,” he said. The plane lost contact with the control tower on December 28. The plane was nearly halfway between Surabaya (Indonesian city) and its destined location Singapore. President of AirAsia Indonesia said that families of those killed would received $100,000. The last words the pilot said was that he was approaching threatening clouds.



Christmas Break!


I didn’t do much over the Christmas break. I stayed home most of the time.

On Tuesday my siblings and I had a dentist appointment. We spent the whole day there. The appointment was at 11:30 a.m. and we left the dentist around 3 or 4 p.m. That day wasn’t fun it was boring.

The other days I spent at home. I watched movies and played “Clue”, “Basta” (Basta is a game that my cousins from Mexico taught me. The instructions of the game is a person says the alphabet in their mind they just say “A” out loud. Another person says “Basta” translated to “Stop” and the person that is saying the alphabet has to stop and say the letter they stopped. Every player has a notebook paper and they need to write a first name, last name, place, animal, fruit of flower, and thing starting with the letter the person stopped. When someone writes down all of their answers they call out time. Everyone has to stop writing. Then all the players have to say their answers. If two persons wrote the same last name or other from the topics they get 50 points each. If you wrote down an answer that no one else wrote you got 100 points. 100 points would be divided by the number of people that wrote the same answer and the quotient would be the points they get. If you didn’t wrote nothing you get zero. And there is another section called “total” where you write down your points. You keep playing until everyone gets bored or you all finished with all the letters of the alphabet. At last everyone adds up their points the person with the most points wins).


I also drew, I started a new drawing, and I plan to draw a lot of roses of different colors. Right now I only have two roses pink and purple.


On Christmas Eve my family came over we ate posole & tamales and drank ponche & atole de cascara. We prayed a rosary and broke a piñata. We had so much fun! On Christmas day we went to Church. On New Year’s my family came again we celebrated and went to Church. We ate moyetes and tamales. Although I had a headache I tried to stay awake and content. Both days were fun even though I had a headache on New Year’s. That was my Christmas break I didn’t do much but it was fun!

Social Networking

social.media_Businessman pressing modern social type of iconsWhat I think about social networking is that its a helpful resource that can keep you in touch with long distance family members and friends. But at the same time social networking is a bad thing it can lead to cyber-bullying, communication with strangers and distractions.

I use social networking everyday. The most I use is Instagram. It depends whether I use it or not. If I have homework I do my homework first. When I am bored and have nothing to do I spend hours on other different accounts like Vine, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram.

unnamedThe benefits of social networking are that you can stay in contact with long distance relatives and friends. In my Facebook account I have most of my family members that live in Mexico. I have the opportunity to chat with them and catch to the latest family news. I get to see some of my cousins in pictures that I haven’t met. Another benefit is that people have the opportunity to show their talent and get seen by a company or business  that may want to hire you.


  • Zach King a viner has gotten fame by making magic videos on Vine. Now he has contracts that are making him a earn a lot of money.
  • Kristina Webb an artist from New Zealand posts her drawings in Instagram and has gotten fame and support from people located across the world. Recently, she was here in the United States working on new projects. She has traveled to a lot of places and she greatly inspires me.

Drawing by Kristina Webb

The cons of social networking are that they are a major distraction. I get distracted by it. Students at school don’t pay attention in class because they are texting or are in a social network. Social networking opens the door to cyber-bullying. People think it easy to bully someone online just because they are hidden behind a computer screen or phone screen. Also younger generations have access to the internet they start making social accounts and start adding people they don’t know. They begin talking to strangers and people that may fake their identity.

I think I can go without social networking. At first it may be difficult, because I use it everyday, but then I would get used to it not using it everyday. I think everyone can live without social networking because there was a time we didn’t use it in our early years.

What distracts you from doing your homework?


When you are doing homework everything even a little mosquito flying around distracts you. But mostly its technology: Ex: Television, Social medias, etc. When I am doing homework the television and the internet distract me. I do my homework in the kitchen table (the kitchen and the living room are close together) and my siblings or parents are watching the T.V. and that distracts me because I can hear the news, or T.V show and also I can hear them when they gasp at something they watched. So that’s why when I do my homework I always listen to music so I can’t hear the surrounding noises. The other problem I have is that when I am doing a research for an assignment I get distracted while surfing the web. This year in U.S. history class we learned about muckrakers. We had a worksheet and had to find out what certain muckrakers did. Jane Addams was in the worksheet, I googled her and found out she helped immigrants, she co-founded the Hull House (basically the house was for immigrants and poor people in Chicago, they received services and education) then I also found out that the Hull House is haunted. Instead of writing information about Jane Addams I am reading an article about a deformed baby in the Hull House. It’s not the first time, I have done it multiple times I always get distracted by reading other articles or researching other stuff besides the work I am supposed to do. The only solution I have for this problem is that, when I found something that amazes me a story, article, etc. I could bookmark it and when I am finished with my assignment I can come back to it later. It has been working really well, but either way I still get distracted, just a little bit.


Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus
  • Origin: The Ebola virus was first reported in 1976. The name from the virus comes from the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo where it was discovered. At first the Ebola virus was suspected to be a new “strain” of the closely related Marburg virus. There are five different strains of the disease. Four of them can be spread to humans and the fifth one only affects primates. The fifth strain (Ebola-Reston) traces its origin back to the Philippines according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The outbreak of Ebola- Reston happened in 1990 while researchers where investigating an outbreak of a Simian hemorrhagic fever in monkeys and they discovered that the Ebola Reston only affected primates, because the researchers didn’t develop any symptoms.

    Fruit Bats
    Fruit Bats
  • About Ebola: It is believed that the carriers of this deadly disease are bats, particularly fruit bats, without showing any symptoms. So you don’t know if bats have it because they don’t show the symptoms! In parts of Africa bats are hunted for food, while bats are cooked the virus dies. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization are counseling people to avoid bats because handling the animal in food preparation could put them in contact with the virus.

    Ebola symptoms
  • Symptoms: When a person gets infected by Ebola the symptoms appear anytime between two or twenty-one days. The symptoms are:
    • Muscle aches
    • Fevers
    • Headaches
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Stomach pain
    • Sore throats
    • Rash
    • Red eyes
    • Impaired kidney and liver function
    • When the virus infects the bloodstream the person may bleed internally and externally.
    • Some of the symptoms are the same symptoms as Malaria and Cholera diseases, which makes a delay for the person to receive proper treatment.

      Aid workers and doctors transfer a Spanish priest who was infected by with the Ebola virus, from a plane to an ambulance as he leaves the Torrejon de Ardoz military airbase. Photo by Spanish Defense Ministry.
      Aid workers and doctors transfer a Spanish priest who was infected by with the Ebola virus, from a plane to an ambulance as he leaves the Torrejon de Ardoz military airbase. Photo by Spanish Defense Ministry.
  • Treatments and vaccines: The symptoms of Ebola are treated as they appear. The treatment is to provide the person with intravenous fluids, and balance their electrolytes (body salts). Maintaining their oxygen status and blood pressure. Good supportive care and the patient’s immune response play a big role on the recovery of the person. People who recover from the disease develop antibodies that last for at least 10 years, or maybe longer. It is not known if people who recover are immune for life or if they can become infected with a different species of Ebola, but people that recover from the disease develop complications such as joints and vision problems. There is no vaccine for Ebola but experimental vaccines are under development, they have not yet been fully tested for effectiveness.
    Thomas Eric Duncan
    Thomas Eric Duncan

    Nina Pham
    Nina Pham
  • Information of individuals who have contracted the disease recently: Thomas Eric Duncan was the first person diagnosed with Ebola virus in North America. He was Liberian, he came to the United States to visit some family members in Dallas. Unfortunately, he died on October 8.One health care worker became infected with Ebola when she was treating Duncan. Nina Pham (26 years old) recently contracted the virus. Nina Pham is the first person to develop Ebola within the United States. Pham’s dog (Bentley) was taken for tests to detect if it had the virus. Test results showed that Bentley tested negative for the Ebola virus. Pham’s condition has been upgraded from “fair” to “good”. She was treated at the Texas Health Presbyterian
    Amber Vinson
    Amber Vinson

    Hospital in Dallas, then she was transferred to the NIH Special Clinical Studies Unit in Maryland. The NIH said that Pham expressed her gratitude for her well-wishers, and that “no additional details are available at this time.” She is treated with a staff that has 50 to 60 personnel who are trained to deal with biohazards. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases revealed that Pham had received plasma donated from Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly. Dr. Kent Brantly was going to donate plasma to Eric Duncan too but their blood type weren’t compatible. Amber Vinson a nurse that cared for Duncan was thought that she was infected by the virus. Blood tests showed negative for the virus. But the test results don’t mean that she will be leaving Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, or that she is Ebola-free. Vinson will be moved to a lower-risk section of the isolation unit.

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Role: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention are taking precautions to prevent further spread of Ebola in the United States

    airport screeningairport screening 2

  • Affecting the United States: There a new restrictions on visitors flying from countries that suffer from the Ebola outbreaks. Flights from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea can only land at five U.S. airports: JFK, Dulles Newark, O’Hare and Atlanta’s Hartsfield –Jackson. Passengers that are in these flights will be “…subject to secondary screening and added protocols, including having their temperature taken, before they are admitted to the U.S.” according to a statement from Secretary Jeh Johnson. He also stated that officials are working to locate and screen any individuals who have entered the U.S. and have been in Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Guinea in the past 21 days.


  • Outbreak affected my life: The outbreak has me scared. Everybody in social medias have talked about it. Recently my mother gave birth (maybe 2 weeks ago) and the last days she has taken my little sister to check-ups. In the hospital there are sick people, and I don’t want my family members to get this deadly disease. I know that eventually everyone is going to die from a disease or something else. But if you can prevent from getting Ebola then it should be easy not getting it. Because everyone knows and talk about this disease, other people are also scared from getting it. Some people make jokes about it, and I hate that. Ebola is a deadly disease it’s not something to laugh about. That is really sad because thousands of people have died from Ebola.


  • Conspiracy Theories: “Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who got shots from the Red Cross.” There are theories that the Red Cross has brought “Ebola” to people in West Africa by injecting them with it and that Ebola is not a real disease. But these are just theories true or not Ebola has killed thousands of people only time will tell us if it does exist.

Rome, Italy


I want to travel the whole world. I want to visit mostly all the countries, but I am going to write about Rome, Italy. I want to visit Rome, Italy because they have all the amazing stuff like the Colosseum and other attractions.

Background Information:

Rome is the capital of Italy. The founding of Rome is based on a legend: Twin brothers Remus and Romulus. They were abandoned at birth in a river then a female wolf found them and took care of them until they were found by a shepherd. When Remus and Romulus became adults they were determined to found a city where the wolf had found them. While they were in the search of the city the brothers had a lot disagreements over where the city should be, this caused Romulus to kill his brother. Romulus then named the city Rome.
But the legend is only a legend the actual story of the founding of Rome is that it grew out of a number of settlements.
Rome was an important city during the Roman Empire.

Famous sites/ attractions:

The Colosseum is a huge entertainment arena where gladiator games where celebrated. I want to see the Colosseum because I think it’s really cool that it was built thousands of years ago and it’s still standing today. The only thing I don’t like is that it was used for violence.
The Roman Forum was used to play host festivals, celebrations, funerals, and rituals. I want to visit the Roman Forum because I want to see the ruins of the place.
I also want to visit the Vatican City because of my faith and religious purposes.

There are more attractions that I want to see like the Spanish steps, and other sites. Mostly of them are in this website: http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/arts-and-culture/articles/romes-top-10-attractions

A fun fact that I found is that Rome has a museum dedicated to pasta.

Citations: http://traveltips.usatoday.com/city-rome-italy-21361.htmlhttp://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/romulus_and_remus.htm

College Research

Graphic Design

Picture from http://aboyinlondon.com/first-graphic-design/

The Art Institute in Fort Worth:

Graphic Design: Program Level- Bachelor’s Degree

  • Tuition and fees: $85,849
  • Book and supplies: $2,640
  • On-campus room and board: $42, 970
  • Program would take 40 months to complete
  • Salary of Graphic Designer: $40, 000 to hundreds of thousands dollars per year.
  • The college offers scholarships yearly (competitions)
  • There is a really good website https://www.scholarships.com/ where you can find and apply for scholarships.
  • What I am planning to do: My pathway is Cosmetology and maybe this summer I will apply to work in a salon. This summer and the next summer I would be working in the Cosmetology field and with the money I earn I will save it up and pay for my college classes & also with the help of a scholarship. I do enjoy being in Cosmetology but I also want to study something related to art (graphic design or animator) where I can make sketches , even though in Cosmetology I can incorporate art when doing nails or make- up. I don’t really know what specific college I want to go but I would like to go to the Art Institute (there are different Art Institutes located in different parts of the United States and Canada, but I find it more convenient the one in Fort Worth because is closer to where I live). I am thinking about researching different colleges and comparing the prices. One of my teachers and my cousin recommend me to go to a community college, because they are less expensive and offer the same classes as other famous universities/colleges.  I am really looking forward to go to college.