What distracts you from doing your homework?


When you are doing homework everything even a little mosquito flying around distracts you. But mostly its technology: Ex: Television, Social medias, etc. When I am doing homework the television and the internet distract me. I do my homework in the kitchen table (the kitchen and the living room are close together) and my siblings or parents are watching the T.V. and that distracts me because I can hear the news, or T.V show and also I can hear them when they gasp at something they watched. So that’s why when I do my homework I always listen to music so I can’t hear the surrounding noises. The other problem I have is that when I am doing a research for an assignment I get distracted while surfing the web. This year in U.S. history class we learned about muckrakers. We had a worksheet and had to find out what certain muckrakers did. Jane Addams was in the worksheet, I googled her and found out she helped immigrants, she co-founded the Hull House (basically the house was for immigrants and poor people in Chicago, they received services and education) then I also found out that the Hull House is haunted. Instead of writing information about Jane Addams I am reading an article about a deformed baby in the Hull House. It’s not the first time, I have done it multiple times I always get distracted by reading other articles or researching other stuff besides the work I am supposed to do. The only solution I have for this problem is that, when I found something that amazes me a story, article, etc. I could bookmark it and when I am finished with my assignment I can come back to it later. It has been working really well, but either way I still get distracted, just a little bit.



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