Social Networking

social.media_Businessman pressing modern social type of iconsWhat I think about social networking is that its a helpful resource that can keep you in touch with long distance family members and friends. But at the same time social networking is a bad thing it can lead to cyber-bullying, communication with strangers and distractions.

I use social networking everyday. The most I use is Instagram. It depends whether I use it or not. If I have homework I do my homework first. When I am bored and have nothing to do I spend hours on other different accounts like Vine, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram.

unnamedThe benefits of social networking are that you can stay in contact with long distance relatives and friends. In my Facebook account I have most of my family members that live in Mexico. I have the opportunity to chat with them and catch to the latest family news. I get to see some of my cousins in pictures that I haven’t met. Another benefit is that people have the opportunity to show their talent and get seen by a company or business  that may want to hire you.


  • Zach King a viner has gotten fame by making magic videos on Vine. Now he has contracts that are making him a earn a lot of money.
  • Kristina Webb an artist from New Zealand posts her drawings in Instagram and has gotten fame and support from people located across the world. Recently, she was here in the United States working on new projects. She has traveled to a lot of places and she greatly inspires me.

Drawing by Kristina Webb

The cons of social networking are that they are a major distraction. I get distracted by it. Students at school don’t pay attention in class because they are texting or are in a social network. Social networking opens the door to cyber-bullying. People think it easy to bully someone online just because they are hidden behind a computer screen or phone screen. Also younger generations have access to the internet they start making social accounts and start adding people they don’t know. They begin talking to strangers and people that may fake their identity.

I think I can go without social networking. At first it may be difficult, because I use it everyday, but then I would get used to it not using it everyday. I think everyone can live without social networking because there was a time we didn’t use it in our early years.


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