Christmas Break!


I didn’t do much over the Christmas break. I stayed home most of the time.

On Tuesday my siblings and I had a dentist appointment. We spent the whole day there. The appointment was at 11:30 a.m. and we left the dentist around 3 or 4 p.m. That day wasn’t fun it was boring.

The other days I spent at home. I watched movies and played “Clue”, “Basta” (Basta is a game that my cousins from Mexico taught me. The instructions of the game is a person says the alphabet in their mind they just say “A” out loud. Another person says “Basta” translated to “Stop” and the person that is saying the alphabet has to stop and say the letter they stopped. Every player has a notebook paper and they need to write a first name, last name, place, animal, fruit of flower, and thing starting with the letter the person stopped. When someone writes down all of their answers they call out time. Everyone has to stop writing. Then all the players have to say their answers. If two persons wrote the same last name or other from the topics they get 50 points each. If you wrote down an answer that no one else wrote you got 100 points. 100 points would be divided by the number of people that wrote the same answer and the quotient would be the points they get. If you didn’t wrote nothing you get zero. And there is another section called “total” where you write down your points. You keep playing until everyone gets bored or you all finished with all the letters of the alphabet. At last everyone adds up their points the person with the most points wins).


I also drew, I started a new drawing, and I plan to draw a lot of roses of different colors. Right now I only have two roses pink and purple.


On Christmas Eve my family came over we ate posole & tamales and drank ponche & atole de cascara. We prayed a rosary and broke a piñata. We had so much fun! On Christmas day we went to Church. On New Year’s my family came again we celebrated and went to Church. We ate moyetes and tamales. Although I had a headache I tried to stay awake and content. Both days were fun even though I had a headache on New Year’s. That was my Christmas break I didn’t do much but it was fun!


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