Information about the AirAsia Flight 8501 crash


Divers struggle to get the black boxes from AirAsia jet. Recently they discovered the tail of the plane that crashed into the sea. Strong currents and blinding silt makes it difficult for divers to get to the black boxes.


The black boxes are really important to obtain because it contains records and information about the performance of the aircraft during flight. With that crucial information divers can find out what caused the jet to fall down.

162 people were aboard. Only 48  bodies have been found and 25 bodies identified. “Powerful currents and murky water continue to hinder the operation, but searchers managed to get a photograph of the debris – about 9 kilometers (nearly 6 miles) from where the plane lost contact – after it was detected by an Indonesian survey ship,” National Search and Rescue chief Henry Bambang Soelistyo told the media. Expert teams from Indonesia and France are helping in the mission, they have thought to use a crane to lift the plane’s tail. The black boxes have an ping- emitting beacons but their batteries last to about 30 days. High waves had prevented the distribution of forces of ping locators, which are dragged by ships. “A total of six ships with ping locators were in the search area in the Java Sea”, said Nurcahyo Utomo, a researcher of the National Commission for Transportation Safety. Nurcahyo Utomo believes that the black boxes are still attached to the original location (in the plane’s tail) based on the pictures taken by divers. “Once detected, we will try to find and lift up the black boxes as soon as possible,” he said. The plane lost contact with the control tower on December 28. The plane was nearly halfway between Surabaya (Indonesian city) and its destined location Singapore. President of AirAsia Indonesia said that families of those killed would received $100,000. The last words the pilot said was that he was approaching threatening clouds.




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