The school my mother went
The school my mother went

My parents didn’t have an easy life they had to leave school and their natal country. My mom lived in a ranch so it was difficult to get to school. My dad’s parents didn’t have money for school. They started working at a young age to support their families. They emigrated from Mexico to the United States when they were a couple. They came to the U.S. for job opportunities. They began living in California. Both of them worked in California. When my dad found of a good job in Texas he decided to migrate. They moved to Irving, Texas. My mom cleaned hotels and my dad worked as a construction worker. Part of my childhood was in Irving, I attended pre-K there. My parents only had my sister and me (I am 3 years older than my sister). From there we moved to a house and that’s when we moved to Grand Prairie. I have been living in Grand Prairie since Kindergarten. Throughout the years my other siblings were born. My parents want my siblings and me to have a successful life that’s why they always tell us to try our best at school. I may not have a mansion but I have a decent house and always have food thanks to my hardworking  parents.


My grandparents didn’t go to school they also worked at a young age, but now with my family’s supportive uncles, aunts, and cousins my grandparents meet their needs.


I see myself in 5 years from now living the life I always wanted. Maybe I would be in college, depending what I am going to study or I could be working in the career I choose. I want to live a successful life. I also want to help my parents out. I want to give them a house of their style. I also want to take them (& my siblings) to explore and travel the world take them to see jungles, oceans, forests, Eiffel Tower, and all of those famous and beautiful places.

Knocking down hurdlesThe obstacles that I have are that I procrastinate and that my communication skills are not that good. I don’t procrastinate a lot with school work, but I procrastinate on chores and other stuff. I want to improve my communication skills. I want to talk fluently and have good vocabulary.

Dubiski_Career_High-mainI would like to change the community by inspiring them with my drawings and making the world a peaceful place. What I plan to get out from Dubiski is my cosmetology license and my high school diploma. I want to be prepared for the work area and for life.


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