What have I done this school year?


My accomplishments so far this school year are that I raised my GPA higher. I received a letterman jacket. There is a lot of things we had to learn in U.S history class for the STAAR test. It was easy but some of the questions were difficult. I just have to wait for my results. I hope I passed it but I certainly did passed my workforce exam for Cosmetology!


 In Cosmetology I learned how to do pedicures, facials, perms, applying make-up, applying haircolor, and the blunt, swing bob, long-layered haircuts and more things that I can’t remember. For the winter project I like what I did. We have the choice to choose what we want to do for the project between nails and hair. We need to have a theme: my theme was Native American and I did nails. And I raised my hours: I have about 620 hours and I need to have 1,000. I also got exempt from all my classes on my 1st semester exams.

ConfirmationEvery Sunday I go to church and church school. I am studying to do my confirmation. Last October we had a field trip to Six Flags to celebrate World Youth Day. It was my first time in Six Flags. I had so much fun and I liked it! This Friday I’m going to do my Confirmation. I am excited to do it! My relationship with God has become closer and I plan to join a youth group. I really want to join an organization that travels to undeveloped countries and helps the people by providing them food, water, and meeting their basic needs (like clothes, a home, vaccines etc.). I want to see their faces filled with joy when they receive the things they always wanted.

class-of-2016There is a lot of nice things I have accomplished this year from raising my grades, hours to becoming close to the church. I plan to do more things and expect the best next year as it is my senior year!


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